A significant amount of food is wasted everyday by restaurants, caterers, supermarkets, etc. Nevertheless, people in need seek help from organizations collecting and distributing unused but still edible food. Such organizations mostly rely on agreements with regular donors. Access to information about food availability and occasional donors is limited and not systematic, creating logistic bottlenecks.

"BringTheFood" is a crowdsourcing web/mobile application that allows donors to seamlessly publish offers and easily coordinate collections. Collectors can view the offers in their area on a map and reserve those that are available and schedule pickup directly with the donor.



According to MIPAAF, mountain agriculture is a sector worth 30 billion euros which involves more than 2.5 million farms (280.000 of which are Italian). Geographical location and size, however, make it difficult for such farms to be self-sustainable and many of them rely on subsidies and other public funds.

In fact, a report of ATABio (an Association of producers of bio-food in Trentino) specifies that increasing promotion and commercialization of products is one of the main areas of improvement for producers of bio-food in Trentino.

GasAPP is a fork of BringTheFood focusing on bio-food, sustaining local buyers groups and producers of high-quality products. The platform matches demand and offer.


BTF Ristorazione

A web/mobile app for restaurants and canteen to notify food collectors about daily surplus. The food collectors see how many meals they can take so they optimise the logistics.

The app is in a pilot stage and it is currently experimented by three school canteens in Trentino and the SitiCibo initiative of the Italian Food Bank.